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Software Development starts with a Project Plan.

The purpose of the plan is hopefully to cover all the requirements so the outcome will be successful. Lore is a software house which can produce the plan because we listen to our clients’ needs and requirements. This project plan is the basis for the price which means you have a fixed price for the creation of a software solution. This full cycle software solution plan also allows both parties to understand what is going to be achieved and when. Lore uses the latest techniques in the field of software development. Products such as power apps have created a library of safe a test solutions to business requirements. If the requirement is not a re-write but a need to modernize then software tools from power apps can save time and money.

The digital revolution is ongoing and with AI enhancements IT Development can show major leaps in business efficiency. All our solutions are cloud-based which ensures that any device can access the software anytime of day and night. International companies see the world as one timepiece and need access 24/7. UI/UX designs produce visual interactive and informative responses to users. Creating software solutions which can be quickly understood and used efficiently. Using standard Microsoft tools ensures the user, if they are proficient with Microsoft, an easy passage to success. Lore aims to harness the most up-to-date technologies to produce finished software which can be upgraded and easily modernized when required. Once the project plan has been agreed and the process is started all the stakeholders involved can monitor and comment on the ongoing process in the development of the software. The use of mobile in accessing daily business software in the business is becoming essential. Shop floor and office-based staff need access to only a small part of a piece of software and the most cost-effective solution for those users is a mobile. Shop floor managers order goods or offsite staff inputting data into an ongoing process will find a mobile a quick and simple way of achieving this goal. Lore offers a free consultation which is often a very helpful start to mapping out your requirements. Ideas are an important part of creating an efficient and profitable business but often talking with someone outside the business can help to discover how the idea can be turned into reality. All the staff have experience in different areas of business and this expertise can highlight pitfalls which may appear. Mistakes can be costly and if the software is not going to be used because it is not fit for purpose then at Lore, at every stage of the project, the goals are checked to ensure this does not happen. Constant monitoring of the project is essential to maintain a high degree of certainty that at the end of the day, the project will have a successful outcome. Lore, through the product life cycle, will test the product and at the end of the project, extensive product testing is carried out, in-house and by third parties. The testing parameters will be included in the project, such as process speeds and sizing. Accomplishing a successful outcome is essential to Lore as we strive to ensure high feedback from our work. We are a small SME who pride ourselves in achieving for our customers.

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