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Lore will enable your software digital transformation to become a reality. Using affordable software solutions which have the versatility to change and can be continually improved over time. Sometimes bespoke software can be the only solution to a business requirement.

Software Development

Office 365 

Power Apps



Power Bi

Power Flow

Low Cost Solutions

Cost effective solutions are important in today’s environment.

Cloud Programming

Web based siolutions allow business the flexiblity and resilience which is required.

Software development

UX Design to enhance efficiency

Digital Transformation

Custom Software Development

Sometimes off the shelf will not fit the purpose. Hence Lore can supply the solution to the program . We are a small company who specialise in dealing with intricate requirements . We are a Microsoft Software House which means our programs will be compatible with other systems in your organisation.

Mobile App Development

Developing Bespoke software need not be expensive. We use bolt-on tools  which reduce the time spent developing. All the work is done remotely so no expensive site visits or site presentations. The aim of Lore is to supply the app as cheaply as possible in the quickest time frame.

Web Based Programs

Creating an efficient and effective business environment is crucial in today’s work place. The apps we create are all web-based, so transferring a user from mobile to computer is seamless. Any piece of hardware can access our apps anywhere in the world.

Mobile Apps

Creative Development Agency

Our mission is to make your business efficient and reflect a greener attitude within your business processes. This will create a win-win for your business.

Mobile as a Processing Tool

Mobiles are now increasingly used within the factory/business environment. Therefore it is important to capture this potential.

A Mobile is a very versatile Business Tool

Mobiles can be used on the shop floor to update inventory and to order and control paper flow within a manufacturing operation.

Software Development

Project Management Facilities

Power  Apps 

Microsoft Power Apps is a low cost software tool

Power Apps is supplied with  Microsoft 365 tools as standard. Therefore there is no software cost to account for. This software is trusted and tested by Microsoft so security and hidden bugs are not an issue.

Developing in Power Apps

Developing in Power Apps is very quick because the architecture of the software enables fast compiling and trouble shooting.

Developing in Power Apps is cost effective

The software has a low level of complexity therefore structure and production of software solutions is quick and low cost.

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