Our Mission

Lore has been operating for over 20 years. Lore has developed and grown over the years by giving a service and support to all our customers. Software development in the field of SharePoint has allowed it to create specialized skills which can benefit companies. In todays IT market we can supply systems which can be accessed all over the world whether from a tablet or laptop using an array of operating systems from Apple to Microsoft. The only requirement that is required is for the devices to have support software which can access the internet.

If you have a bespoke piece of software which is still is valuable to the company but has limited access them Lore can convert the software so it has a web interface. Old customer relationship databases have been around for many years and there are numerous example of software which was written for just singular access. Lore can evaluate the alternatives for free and offer a fixed fee for remedying the situation. Lore has been in the web software development arena since 1994. The company prides itself on producing bespoke software solutions which can be delivered via web technologies.



SharePoint is bland and lacks style The answer was to create a focus group who had the ability to see and understand the required improvements which site required. Tis included making the site responsive Jane H.
SharePoint has give us nothing just a web site By talking to the differnet teams we established their needs and requirements. The instigated training for the sit administrators who rolled out the finish solution with the help of Lore The McPhersons
Keeping IT staff who have the skills is becoming difficult Firms have beome increasing stressed to find the right staff to support the IT system . This problem is increased when the company is small and the cost of full time IT proffessionals is hard to justify, therefore Lore can help to reduce these cost by supplying specialist staff to cover critical systems John B
We have a number of IT problems which will not go away Lore opperates a no win no fee policy so we looked at the cause of Lorraine's network which went down in a random patern, replacing hardware and testing the network cabling proved unsuccessful untill the discovery that the heating system was trunked with the IT cabling so when the heating sent amy changes to the boiler this triggered a signal on the IT system. Retrunking the CAT 5e cabling removed the problem. Lorraine S